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سوتی خنده دار اخبار صدا و سیما (حالی هند؟)


ommmmmmmmmmmmmm boos.arezoo az karaj

by: date: 01/16/2012 time: 16:16

ooooooooooooooooom.ali bod boos arezoo

by: date: 01/16/2012 time: 16:15

طفلکی خوب زبونش گرفت خوشتون میاد یکی خودتونو بسخره؟؟

پ.ن: بسخره = مسخره کنه!

by: تر جون date: 07/04/2010 time: 02:24

baba neshon namode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IRAN

by: addd date: 12/18/2009 time: 02:50


by: iman date: 11/22/2009 time: 04:09

cant see in karaj

by: ali date: 03/09/2009 time: 14:49

man nemitonam bebinam

by: elma date: 12/02/2008 time: 03:26

nemitonam bebinam az tehran

by: yasi date: 11/14/2008 time: 07:05

nemitonam bebinam.hamin

by: yasi date: 11/14/2008 time: 07:03

nemitonam bebinam, bemani az iran /tehran

by: bemani date: 06/01/2008 time: 04:24

salam,nemitonam clip ha ro bebinam

by: bemani date: 06/01/2008 time: 04:22

hich kodam ro natunestam bebinam az iran

by: shila date: 05/06/2008 time: 05:29

khayli bahal bood khodaee akhare khande bood

by: shaytoonbala22 date: 04/19/2008 time: 06:12

baz nemikone

by: alishafaghi2003 date: 04/11/2008 time: 07:08

haw i can downdload the clips ?

by: sagh date: 04/11/2008 time: 04:20

icant see in tehran

by: alireza.jangjoo date: 02/08/2008 time: 08:09

nothing can i make use of in this part.

by: mdt date: 01/25/2008 time: 07:54

نمیاد بالا

by: chek1 date: 01/24/2008 time: 22:31


by: honar date: 01/15/2008 time: 20:39

i cant see in tehran

by: faty date: 01/12/2008 time: 03:50

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سوتی خنده دار اخبار صدا و سیما (حالی هند؟) 
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